Sogea-Satom deploys expert and leading-edge solutions to build major turnkey logistical and industrial infrastructure, including airport platforms, marine projects, deep-water seaports, dams, petroleum and gas terminals, and mining infrastructure.

Our expertise in delivering major projects is based on our local networks’ agility, our specialized subsidiaries’ technical excellence, and the experience of VINCI Construction teams in managing large-scale international projects.


Sogea-Satom invests heavily in the industrial sector. The company operates wholly-owned asphalt-production units, crushing facilities, and concrete-production plants in several countries on the continent.


Our road-building expertise allows us to design and develop airport runways and taxiways. Our range is extensive: we build everything from small runways to special runways designed to accommodate new, large-scale aircraft such as the Airbus A380.


Thanks to our subsidiary Dumez Maroc and our cooperation with other expert entities within the Group, we provide leading-edge services in the development, expansion, and upgrade of seaport, marine, and river infrastructure.


This specific service, involving excavation and earthworks, provides new life to arid zones, enabling their use for agricultural production. Sogea-Satom’s successful agricultural experience, especially in the Sahel region, makes it an expert in this field.


Thanks to its subsidiary Les Spécialistes de l’énergie (LSE), based in Dakar, Sogea-Satom possesses a full range of skills in electrical works and the ability to deploy them all across the continent. In conjunction with other expert entities within the Group, we work toward the development of energy infrastructure, communications networks, and electrical works at industrial sites and in buildings.