Warning to suppliers of fraud and of impersonation of the Purchasing Department. - 01/10/2017
Sogea-Satom alerts suppliers to fake purchase orders for goods on credit, placed in the name of the company Sogea-Satom.

The authors of these orders fraudulently use the company's corporate names, trademarks and logos to deceive suppliers and cause them to supply goods on credit.

Requests to open accounts and to place orders are never made from generic e-mail addresses (purchasing@......) (achats@.........), but only from personal addresses in the form "forename.familyname@vinci-construction.com".

We therefore recommend that suppliers verify the authenticity of requests to open accounts and of orders before acting on them.

The risk of fraud is real and it is very important to remain vigilant at all times and to act with discretion. We are therefore counting on suppliers to exercise caution.

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