Our vision

We strongly believe that a company’s performance depends on its men and women’s enthusiasm, creativity, and diversity.

We promote diversity and sustain work environments where people want to give their best and fulfil their professional aspirations as part of a shared culture based on the values of responsibility, loyalty, and solidarity.


Develop human resources
We hire people in the countries in which we operate and we help them develop their career. Currently, our company employs more than 15,000 people who represent 28 nationalities. Our decision to be firmly established at the local level is in accordance with our vision for long-term development.

Enhance skill sets
Our human resources policy favours the sharing and transfer of knowledge and skill sets, enabling our personnel, both men and women, to access increasingly responsible positions.

Train, support, and encourage development
We promote our employees to greater levels of responsibility during the course of their career within the Group. New employees enjoy tutoring and skill-building opportunities. We provide training, including such initiatives as the Africa Pro business school, the Opus Pro training program, and the Orchestra worksite-prep program.

Foster mobility
Employee mobility is a key component of Sogea-Satom’s human resources policy. Mobility allows our people to realize new aspirations, develop new skill sets, and progress professionally. There are many mobility opportunities, both at Sogea-Satom and within other VINCI Group entities..

Develop partnerships with institutions of higher learning
We develop partnerships with many institutions of higher learning to provide students with support. Thanks to our ties with teaching establishments and other recruitment initiatives across the continent, we hire many new graduates every year. Find out more