For infrastructure and engineering structure mandates, Sogea-Satom selects technologies and methods in accordance with development projects’ specific requirements and their geographic location.

Sogea-Satom’s civil engineering teams take part in the design, management, and implementation of water works infrastructure (water towers, storage tanks, open-air and tunnel water intake and outfall systems, water filtration and treatment plants) and airport infrastructure (runways, control towers, terminals, and more).

Sogea-Satom also undertakes industrial civil engineering mandates and possesses solid expertise in designing and building engineering structures such as deep-water ports, bridges and viaducts, water works infrastructure for electrical power production and/or regulation, and thermal power stations.

Seaport and maritime activities
Dumez Maroc has built up advanced expertise in the design and construction of industrial and commercial ports. This Sogea-Satom company has built ports in Cotonou, Benin, Dakhla, and Morocco.